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Roman Baths


The hot baths had a great development in the Roman world. It was a building that included all the necessary dependencies for the care of the body (changing rooms, rooms of cold, warm, hot water, steam baths.... some even had a library or reading room).

The baths in Torrox have a square floor plan, although later rooms were added on the south and east sides. Due to their small size, it is likely that they are private baths whose chronology would go from the 1st to the 2nd century AD.

From what remains, we can distinguish the praefurnium where the boilers were located, the caldarium, the hot water room, and the tepidarium, the warm room. All the rooms were covered with marble slabs, mosaics, or painted stuccoes that created the cozy atmosphere typical of leisure.

Next to the baths there are several ruins, from which it can be deduced through them and the different trial trenches made that it was a private house. These vestiges show us the system for channeling water and different construction systems from the early empire period.

They are located on a street parallel to Avenida del Faro.