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El Cenachero


This bronze sculpture, made by the Malaga artist Jaime Fernandez Pimentel in 1968, represents a popular character of Malaga, the Cenachero, who sold fish in the streets of the city keeping the balance between the two plates called cenachos, hence his name.

The cenachos were handmade with esparto grass, and were filled on the beaches of the coast where the nets with daily catch were hauled out. They usually sold Vitoria anchovies, but also horse mackerel, sardines, and whitebait. In the sculpture you can see how the traditional cenachero was dressed: with a sash, the cenachos hanging, and a hat to keep away the heat.

As a result of the twinning of Malaga with the American city of Mobile, Alabama, the City of Malaga donated a replica of this sculpture, which is installed in a square in the U.S. city.

The Cenachero together with the Biznaguero, which is located in the Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso, and Platero the donkey, in the Park of Malaga, form a trio of sculptures closely identified with the city and of which the citizens are quite fond.