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Roman Factory-necropolis of Torrox


In the archaeological area of the Torrox Lighthouse, next to the village, there was an industrial facility from the 1st century A.D., where several basins covered with waterproofing material have been found. They belonged to a factory dedicated to salting and the production of garum (a fish sauce that was highly coveted throughout the Roman world).

In this factory the fish were dried and salted and then they were packaged in containers that were made in kilns and the sea was used as the means to transport the merchandise, as well as being where the raw materials were obtained.

Later on, the factory was used as a burial place, since tombs from the 4th century A.D. have been found over the basins. The Torrox remains show that a factory could be reused as a necropolis. In addition, the bodies and remains found provide highly relevant information about the culture, civilization, and burial system of Ancient Rome.