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Rio Verde Roman Villa


A Roman villa was an isolated building in the countryside, with two distinct parts: the residential area, or pars urbana, and the pars rústica, in this case, for the salting of fish, a lucrative activity at which most of the Betic coastal settlements were employed.

In this villa, built in the 1st-2nd century A.D., as its mosaic pavements indicate, we find a sector of the pars urbana, or noble area. This area is articulated around an arcaded and colonnaded courtyard, of which the bases are preserved, with perimeter corridors on three sides that gave access to the different rooms. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is one of the few examples of this type of domestic space that exist on the Andalusian coast.

The most original flooring is bichrome, black and white, decorated with various culinary instruments and foods that, like a frieze, follows one after another forming a one-of-a-kind cloth. No less spectacular is the so-called Medusa, a polychrome mosaic with a central Gorgoneion surrounded by geometric motifs in black and white.