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Malaga Harbour


The Malaga Harbour is located in the Bay of the Costa del Sol Capital.

Run by the Port Authority, this is a commercial, passenger, cruise, sports and fishing port. The average annual temperature is 19 °C and it has a low average rainfall, mainly between November and March. The prevailing winds are Southeast and Southwest, generally not very strong. The average annual pressure is 760.6 mm.

Malaga Harbour currently offers over 1,300 linear metres of mooring exclusively for cruise ships, divided into two areas: the Eastern area, with 4 moorings where all currently existing ships can dock, and 2 modern terminals with all the services required for the ship and passengers. And Muelle 2, for smaller exclusive ships.

Muelle 1 is used for sports and recreational vessels. Located next to the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, it has become one of the world’s largest outdoor seaside shopping centres, offering a wide range of top brand names, 365 days a year.