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EXPEDICIÓN CUEVA DEL SIFÓN Licensed scuba divers

The Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve is an ideal place to go diving.

If you have at least a PADI Scuba Diver level, we look forward to seeing you.

Protected completely from westerly winds thanks to its facing east,, the Cliffs are known for their beauty under water and their wide variety of aquatic life.

Come discover the covering of fallen rocks, the Mediterranean coral, the marine algae, the false coral, the glass anemone, sea urchins, starfish... The Pared de Calaiza, the Cueva del Sifón, the Pared Amarilla, the Cueva de las Palomas, the Ceriantus and the Candelabros.  

All this beauty should not keep us from occasionally looking up and out to the blue open sea, where we'll see huge schools of young anchovies and sardines and other species seeking protection in the area in its astounding biological richness.


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Daily, weather permitting.

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For everyone Youths Athletes

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The price includes transportation, guide, and something simple to eat and drink at the beach during the diving interval.