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COSTA DEL SURF Paddle surfing classes

Peńón del Cuervo Beach is a protected natural enclave.

We invite you to discover its beauty on top of a paddle surfboard.

We offer two choices: going out for a sunset excursion or paddling in the light of the full moon. Both are charged with a fascinating energy.

Rowing while the power of the stars succumbs at the mouth of the Arroyo Judío and the islet that gives it its name.

Find peace and tranquility as you gaze upon the afterglow from sea and thrill to the play of colors in the sky above the Bay of Málaga.


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From June to October, depending on the circumstances of the sea and the weather.

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For everyone Youths Families Couples Athletes

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You must know how to swim. Excursions last approximately 2 hours. All material included, paddleboard, neoprene or lycra wetsuit.