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ZOSTERA MARINA Private events on board a catamaran

Undersea prairies are the seed of life in the sea.

We'll navigate through these biologically rich waters.

The waters of the Torre del Mar Bay are made up of tape grass, a seaweed considered as underwater cereal. And that's how we named this experience.

We await you aboard our catamaran to set out on a pleasant, calm boat ride or spice it up with fun activities on board for all audiences. We're fully outfitted for different activities, for fun or for education, and we can accommodate up to 30 passengers. Our biologist captain will guide you to recognize the marine biodiversity in the Axarquia region, where two different types of "sea horses" dwell, an internationally protected species that is becoming increasingly hard to find. Underwater photography fans will enjoy immortalizing the moment with their cameras, since the animals don't scare easily.

In the springtime, hundreds of squid, cuttlefish, and catsharks spawn amid the stalks in the prairie, and a simple dive is enough to turn up octopuses oxygenating their eggs and thousands of minnows of sand steenbras, mullets, and even wander amidst schools of whitebait, pompanos, or find starfish calmly living their underwater life.


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All year, sea conditions permitting.

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For everyone Families Groups

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Duration: from 2 to 6 hours. Choice of menu and drinks.