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ESTRELLAS A ESTRIBOR Rentals of sailboats and catamarans

The sea is a universe unto its own.

And we want to help you discover it.

We are shipbuilders, we have the boat you need for your vacation.

Experience the thrill of casting anchor in a beach cove or taking a dip in the open sea. We offer sailboats and catamarans with a top-notch crew to accompany you on your ride.

Be amazed as you spot the multitude of species of flora and fauna along the Mediterranean shoreline. Discover its history of sunken fishing vessels and delve into these waters brimming with plants and animals. Feel the sunrises and sunsets on the winding horizons of the Alborán Sea and its golden sands.


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All year round. Only if the conditions at sea allow the activity to be done safely.

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Groups Families For everyone Youths

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Day trips. Whole weeks. Up to 11 people.